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Survival Series Limited is based in 428 Wellinton Avenue, New Zealand with its activities extended to several countries in commercial business for the past five years. The team is made up of experts and thinkers in forex markets and online stores. Also, the company engages in energy, logistics and transportation business for the overall purpose of increasing the ROI of our high esteemed investors.

Investing in Survival Series Limited using its online service is a great opportunity for receiving stable income with high level of investment safety of our clients. The affiliate and representative programs give you extra income as you explain the business to active investors. With the company's unique opportunities, you are guaranteed the best investment plans and financial growth for a happy future. Enjoy the company that survives you during difficulties and guarantees you great financial opportunities. Our affiliate program is 5%, 3% and 1% bonuses. And our representative program offers investors 10%, 3% and 1% bonuses. The percentage bonus payments will be made manually.

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